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we are manufacturing and supplier light weight perlite

Categories: Minerals

Perlite Skincare Benefits:

Oily Skin special

Perlite is a naturally derived mineral that is extracted from volcanic rock. In skincare, perlite is used for its ability to absorb moisture without hindering the skin’s natural breathing ability. Aside from facial masks, this non-renewable resource is most commonly found in cosmetic powders and may contribute a matting effect to reduce the look of oily skin. Additionally, perlite’s spherical qualities possess gentle exfoliating properties, making it an environmentally safe alternative for polyethylene beads

Application:-construction and manufacturing field,
Horticulture perlite,
filter aid perlite ,
foundry grade perlite ore,
mortar (masonry), insulation and ceiling tiles,
syntactic foam,
cryogenic insulation, and in ceramics as a clay additive

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